Hola, Chandy here…

I arrived in Andalucía, as a poor, starving artist, to the beautiful White Village of Casares.

Immediately falling in love with Spain and its people, I saw things very much in blocks of colour (admittedly through ‘Sangría’-tinted glasses!!). Blue skies, yellow fields, white houses and, of course, the lovely old gossiping women in black.

Lending itself very much to the art and craft of Hand Silkscreen Printing, this how my unique style originally evolved.

Sadly the old traditions are now dying out, but I hope to have captured a memory of them in my work.

Now, 30 years later, here I am… still a poor, starving artist in Andalucía – but a very happy one, who is still dreaming of becoming rich and stuffed artist one day!

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

They make great presents, they’re ready to glass and clip or can be framed LARGER!

Hola, soy Chandy…

Llegué a Andalucía siendo una pobre artista, muerta de hambre, y encontré el bonito Pueblo Blanco de Casares.

Inmediatamente me enamoré de España y su gente. Veía las cosas muy en bloques de color. Cielos azules y el campo de color amarillo, casas blancas y, por supuesto, las hermosas mujeres mayores vestidas de negro.

Esto prestaba al arte de la Serigrafía Artesanal de la Seda, y así es como mi estilo ha evolucionado.

Lamentablemente, las viejas tradiciones están desapareciendo, pero espero haber capturado un recuerdo de ellas en mi trabajo.

Ahora, 30 años después, aquí estoy… una pobre artista muerta de hambre en Andalucía, pero una artista feliz, ¿todavía soñando con ser una artista plenamente rica con mi trabajo?

Disfrute de mis pinturas.

¡Se hacen regalos maravillosos, están listas para vidrio y clip o pueden ser enmarcadas más GRANDE!


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  • We have two pieces by Chandy. They are beautiful. The first piece we were bought as a honeymoon present in 1994 by my parent in-laws. The second we received as a christmas present from them too. We love the pieces and think they are a wonderful addition to a room.

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    Louise Duerden

    I bought prints
  • A Great Day at Chandy's. Rio Grande Coin. Chandy initiated a small group , myself included, into the basics, and some of the subtleties of silkscreen printing. The venue was a well designed, purpose built workshop, nestled in the garden of her beautiful house, surrounded by inspirational landscapes! Thanks to her professional teaching every participant left with their own new prints, having learned several different techniques... Oh yes!... And a brilliant lunch in her farmhouse kitchen too! Thanks Chandy!

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    Christina Sobey

    I went to a workshop
  • What a wonderful creative and happy day I had with Chandy Haggett at her silkscreen studio! It was such a congenial group, and we all had a fascinating time learning about silkscreen inks, paper and the miracle of building up, with layers of colour, our very own print. Chandy is such a talented artist and inspiring teacher, and we all found her enthusiasm quite contagious. Our lunchtime break, consisting of delicious typically Spanish fare enjoyed in Chandy's charming finca, gave us a chance to share our artistic interests and travel experiences.... and to make new friends. At the end of the day we proudly left with a completed silkscreen of our very own creation...ready to frame. It was a marvellous experience that I shall always remember and recommend without hesitation.

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    Ginny Aston

    I went to a workshop
  • I have know about Chandy for many years and I have a work of hers. After a long while I finally found her again and I love her work now more than ever - well done!! Hace muchos a?os que conozco a Chandy y tengo obra de ella. Despu?s de mucho tiempo he conseguido encontrarla y su obra me gusta m?s que antes - enhorabuena!!

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    Saleta Ros?n

    (Patron) Ankaria Art Foundation
  • Congratulations on your works of art. They will always be on show at our Art Foundation (Fundaci?n Ankaria - Madrid). Enhorabuena por tu trabajo. T?s obras estar?n siempre en nuestra Fundaci?n de Arte.

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    Fundaci?n Ankaria

    We exhibit her work
  • Seeing Chandy?s work a few months ago at an exhibition she was showing in Malaga sent a thrill through me. I immediately fell in love with her unique style which just says ?? wonderful days in Andalusia? to me. There and then, I asked if I could have a piece which captured a tranquil village scene under the shade of a big lemon tree. How delighted I was to be able to have this print and enjoy it so much in my home now. I can reach out and almost pick a fresh lemon from the tree, taste the Spanish coffee and imagine what each character is saying (and even what the cat is thinking!). I?m looking forward to the next exhibition when I hope to acquire some more wonderful pictures. Thank you, Chandy, your work is truly inspiring! Interior Designer, Estepona, Spain

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    Mary B. Clephane

    Another happy customer